The Cheltenham Rose

24 Oct

COGA is very excited to announce our special project – the Cheltenham Rose.

The Cheltenham Rose is a limited edition rose to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of our school in 2017. The rose, which has a delightfully mild perfume and beautifully interprets the Cheltenham colour, has been developed by Swanes Nursery in conjunction with COGA (Cheltenham Old Girls Association).

The Cheltenham Rose will be available as small potted plant and can be grown on balconies in pots or window boxes as well as planted out in the garden. En masse, it has a distinct resemblance of a large group of Cheltenham girls!

The cost is $30 per plant.

The plants will be available on one day only, most probably in September-October 2017. In conjunction with the School, we will have one day only when plants can be collected from the School. Plants can be posted anywhere along the eastern sea board (for an additional cost per rose), including South Australia, and can go overseas but it is recommended that you actually carry these as hand luggage.

In order for Swane’s Nursery to produce the quantity we need, orders must be finalised by the end of 2016.

We are taking orders NOW and have opened a dedicated bank account as orders must be accompanied by full payment. To place your order, complete the Order Form online, or download the Order Form (in PDF format or in Word format) and follow the instructions.

All orders must be processed before 20 December 2016. Unfortunately, there will be no opportunity to buy the Cheltenham Rose after this date.

Please email your enquiries to

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