COGA Event: O Teacher, Where Art Thou? New Date, New Venue!

28 Jan

After a small hiccup last year, we have now secured an amazing new venue on a brand new date to host our inaugural Teachers Event!

Event details are as follows:

Date: Sunday 17 February
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: The Museum of Ancient Cultures, 3rd Floor, Building X5B, Macquarie University 2109 (Map)
Transport: Parking is easy and available | By train to Macquarie University station
Cost: $5 for COGA members, $15 for non-members (includes 1-year membership to COGA)

We have heard back from a large number of teachers who are looking forward to sharing stories with Old Girls:

• Mrs Zenda Spry-Pohl | Head Teacher: Welfare, Biology | 1989 to 2006
• Dr Raymond Pohl | Science (Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biology) | 1990 to 2005
• Mrs Pamela Erwin | History and English and Geography | 1971 to 2002
• Mr Bruce Jones | Head Teacher: Science (Physics and Chemistry) | 1986 to 1992
• Mrs Marika McLachlan | Principal | 1988 to 1990
• Mrs Lyn Lantry | History and English and Geography | 1987 to 2009
• Mrs Jennie Ross (formerly Mrs Jennie Evans) | English | 1982 to 2003
• Mr Les Ross | Languages (French and Japanese) | 1968 to 1991
• Mrs Melissa Hunziker (formerly Miss Melissa Cox) | Food Technology, Design & Technology, Exploring Early Childhood | 1998 to 2008
• Mrs Valerie Crooks | Food Technology, Textiles & Design, Design & Technology, Computer Studies | 1981 to 2007
• Mrs Penny Paolino | English | 1976 to 2012
• Mrs Margaret Sim | Head Librarian | 1973 to 2003

Limited tickets are available due to the size of the venue. We accept payment by cheque (made out to Cheltenham Old Girls Association and sent to PO Box 1594, Macquarie Centre NSW 2113) or by Direct Debit / EFT Transfer (BSB: 659000, A/c No.: 668862). If you are paying by EFT, please use your name as a reference and email us ( to confirm payment. Tickets are on sale until Wednesday 13 February.

Please come and enjoy an afternoon tea with blasts from the past!

One Response to “COGA Event: O Teacher, Where Art Thou? New Date, New Venue!”

  1. Margaret Perry January 28, 2013 at 3:25 PM #

    Hope to see you all there!

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